HC works in partnership with leading security vendors and NHS organisations to provide protection against ever changing cyber threats

NHS organisations are continuing to face significant challenges to their cyber defences with ever changing and increasingly more complex vulnerabilities to mitigate, and with more users working remotely for longer than expected demanding flexible access. Often teams are challenged with maintaining the security of existing services and ensuring their availability 24/7 to support changing working patterns whilst adopting new technology. Working with an experienced technology partner like Healthcare Computing can help NHS organisations address these challenges and implement a complete cyber risk management regime.

Top 3 challenges for Healthcare in the new normal

Secure Wireless network

Support Bring Your Own Device and block any threats that may arise, make your wireless network as secure as your wired network. Using the right security strategy will help you deliver scalable and dependable Wireless services across estates, from NHS Wi-Fi to patient areas.

Cyberattacks increase by 27%

Traditional security controls, such as legacy firewalls, lack the capability or processing power to detect, inspect and mitigate cyberattacks sent via SSL/TLS traffic, making this a highly successful avenue for hackers to deploy and execute malware within a target environment.

Securing mobile workforce

Remote working requires new approaches to ensure the security of these end-points when away from the corporate network. SonicWall products such as Capture Client, or Cloud Edge Secure Access, allow support teams to monitor and ensure the security of all these devices.

HC & SonicWall Partnership

HC have been securing leading NHS organisations using SonicWall technology in the UK for over 12 years.

With solutions designed for networks of all sizes, HC and SonicWall have developed comprehensive portfolio of security products to keep our customers’ systems secured and protected to any cyber threats, all at a cost that will protect your budget while securing your network and enabling the mobile agenda.

  • HC are Cyber Essential Plus certified.
  • HC are on a number of Procurement Frameworks.
  • Current DSPT with diverse HSCN connections.
  • 12 years working in partnership with SonicWall.
  • Team of qualified SonicWall Network Security Professionals.
  • Extensive HSCN experience.
  • Securing NHS datacentres with SonicWall Next Generation Firewalls.


HC and SonicWall offer a complete range of firewalls from small to medium models (TZ – NSa series) supporting GP Practices up to enterprise level (NSsp series) for Trusts and large datacentres. NSv series complementing the line-up for clients wanting a virtual appliance alternative. The SonicWall SMB TZ range of firewall are deployed to secure the wireless infrastructure and also are routed to the HSCN traffic.

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SonicWall Capture ATP (Advanced Threat Protection Service) extends firewall threat protection to detect and prevent zero-day attacks. The firewall inspects traffic, detects and blocks intrusions and known malware. Suspicious files are sent to the SonicWall Capture service for analysis. The multi-engine sandbox platform, which includes virtualized sandboxing, full system emulation and hypervisor level analysis technology, executes suspicious code and analyses behaviour, provides comprehensive visibility to malicious activity while resisting evasion tactics and maximizing zero-day threat detection. This is now available deployed in the UK.



Using SonicWall technology our clients have been able to deliver scalable and dependable Wireless services across their estates, from NHS Wi-Fi to patient areas, to secure corporate access for clinical applications and more recently additional complementary services like Govroam.

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Our CSU and CCG clients realised that it needed to improve its working practices and take advantage of wireless computing to allow its workers to become more agile. However, due to the sensitive nature of the working environment, its primary concern was to safeguard the information being held on the network. Organisations rely on connection and protection 24×7 in order to access networked resources within the health community. Portable devices such as laptops or tablets increase exposure to viruses picked up from unsecured home networks. As in the business world, healthcare organisations need comprehensive data protection policies to safeguard patient records, as well as valuable other data.


Remote Access

Secure anytime, anywhere access.

Provide secure convenient remote access with SonicWall across all mobile devices, and realise the benefits of SASE with Cloud Edge Secure Access providing a Zero-Trust security model. Services can be hosted On-premise or in the Cloud.

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HC have deployed SonicWall SMA 1000 in a high availability configuration to support thousands of clinicians working remotely, this has been accelerated by the Covid pandemic.

Advance Threat Protection

A unified client platform with a global dashboard that delivers multiple endpoint protection capabilities, including advanced malware protection, sandboxing, application vulnerability intelligence, and roll back in case of infection. One client, one management console to simplify operations.

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Best in Class Endpoint Security

  • NGAV.
  • Behavioural AI.
  • Remediate and rollback.
  • Device control.
  • Application vulnerability intelligence.

Integrated with SonicWall Platform

  • Unified management and reporting.
  • Capture ATP integration.
  • DPI-SSL Certificate management.
  • Content filtering.

Multi-layered threat defence

  • Integrated with capture ATP and real time Deep memory inspection (RTDMI).
  • Leverage a second line of defence with cloud based malware analysis.
  • Eliminate the risk of live endpoint forensics and unmask hidden side-channel threats.
  • Reduce false negatives without comprising on performance.

Service Description

HC have gained ‘Cyber Essentials Plus’ a Government backed Cyber Security certification. Demonstrating to our customers that Cyber Security controls have been implemented. Our HC experienced Consultants deploy comprehensive security solutions, in different areas protecting wired and wireless implementations with enterprise grade suite of security services. Deployment of Next Generation Firewalls, providing cloud and on-premise security solutions on the Perimeter and within the GP Practice network.

GP Practice desktops and Laptops are protected with a centrally managed Anti-Virus solution, providing up to date patches, further protecting against the Cyber Security threat landscape.

We deploy Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) providing SSL/TLS security for services that require secure usage.

HC working in partnership with the CSU’s and CCG’s centrally manage a windows patch management solution, updating the endpoints within the GP estates on a regular basis, significantly reducing Cyber Security threats.

Deployment of Bitlocker enabled PC’s and Laptops, a hard drive encryption and security program, providing protection against device theft and malware that attacks the boot and system files of the PC, safeguarding against Patient Identifiable Information.

Our NHS Cyber Security solutions will help maintain your network and IT systems secure and protect vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure.

Why us?

  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification
  • Data Security and Protection Toolkit compliant
  • Our HC Consultants are SonicWall Certified Security Professionals
  • Fortinet partners
  • Supporting over 700 GP Practices in the South of England
  • Providing GP IT Services for over 20 years
  • Delivering Wireless solutions to over 400 GP Practices

Features & Benefits

  • Protect IT systems from software malicious threats
  • Reduce risk to your NHS organisation and IT systems
  • Integrated Security Service for the WiFi Solution
  • 802.1x Enhance security for our WiFi solution
  • Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware, Application control, Anti-malware, Intrusion Protection included
  • Deep Packet SSL Inspection, Scan every byte with no file size limitation providing protection against encrypted threats
  • GDPR compliant
  • On-premise and Cloud solutions
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Patch Management

If you are concerned about advanced threats and breaches. Find out how Healthcare Computing can design a solution to secure traffic with full SSL inspection augmented with FortiSandbox.

Slide “We have worked with HC since 2004 and have found them to be consistently reliable and extremely hardworking. They have provided us with key services such as desktop, network and server support and service desk. Their specialist knowledge of the GP IT infrastructure is second to none and one of the main reasons why we would strongly recommend them. If you are looking for professional, specialised and honest IT support, with a strong customer focus, HC is the provider to choose.” WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY Gary Jordan Head of IT (Service Provision) at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust Slide “At NHS South Commissioning Support Unit we have established a very successful relationship with Healthcare Computing which is built on the basis of their in-depth GP IT infrastructure knowledge and excellent partnership working. We have worked together on a wide range of projects such as single GP Domain, server monitoring and Windows 7 migrations and have benefited from the reduction of ongoing costs using their services.” WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY Andy Eyles Associate Director – Digital transformation at NHS South, Central and West CSU Slide Head of Clinical Systems and Projects at NHS Dorset HealthCare Sally Holman “The Wireless solution is great because our staff are no longer having to schedule time to go back to their base at the end of the day to update their notes in the clinical system. We are saving both time travelling and in terms of writing notes to later input in the clinical records. We are now putting the information into the clinical records in real time, and have reduced the risk of forgetting or missing information, which has reduced clinical risks.“ WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY


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