Carbon Neutral Organisation

There is strong consensus within the scientific community that rising world temperatures are caused by human activity. Healthcare Computing (HC) is increasingly responding to climate-related emergencies here in the UK and abroad.

For this reason, we’re committed to doing our part to reduce carbon emissions. We seek to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and to minimise environmental pollution in all our activities, and through our influence on others. We regularly review our policies, programmes and services to ensure our continuing commitment to the environment.

Carbon offsetting

HC has taken a great first step in its carbon management journey by choosing to assess the GHG emissions associated with its operations. In order to compensate for emissions already generated by Healthcare Computing, we are offsetting using high-quality, independently verified carbon offset projects.

Improving the accuracy of future carbon footprint assessments

The estimated overall error margin is +/- 0.79 tCO2e (market-based) and equates to approximately 1% of the total carbon footprint. This is a very low error margin and the majority of data provided by HC has been rated excellent.

To improve the accuracy of future assessments, Healthcare Computing takes meter readings and submits to suppliers at least twice a year.

Reducing emissions

  • Where possible, we use video/tele-conferencing to reduce the use of company cars and vans. Where not possible, assess whether public transport is a feasible option. With current guidance and health concerns following the Covid-19 pandemic, this may not be as feasible at present. However, Healthcare Computing is reviewing its travel policies to include greater use of public transport in future.
  • Switching to electric/plug-in hybrid vehicles when the current fleet requires replacement. Where this is not possible, the emissions rating should be considered. Implementation of a company policy stating that all company cars should have an emissions rating lower than 100 gCO2/km.
  • Consider installation of electric vehicle charging points at Healthcare Computing sites to increase viability for staff to have electric vehicles.

Other ways that we have changed to reduce emissions can be found on our Environmental Policy

We were awarded with the Carbon Neutral Standard in July 2020 and we are working towards the ISO 14001 standard certification for our environmental management systems in the coming months.