Brexit Statement

Preparations for the UK Exit from the EU (Brexit)

Healthcare Computing Ltd (HC) has taken active steps to assure business continues as normal during the transition and post-Brexit.

Following the Governments BREXIT assessments and current information available we have examined all areas of our business and supply chain to understand any potential risk areas and are confident that the potential impacts of Brexit are understood and suitably mitigated.

People and Labour

HC operates from our UK headquarters in Hampshire. Our workforce is primarily sourced from the local area with a supporting network of local engineers in contracted areas.  The proportion of non-UK nationals in our overall workforce is small and will be managed in accordance with any legal or regulatory requirements.

Steps have been taken to register a limited number of EU citizens that have been working for HC for many years, to ensure we retain their skills.

We consider our workforce to be at minimal risk and that our ability to maintain delivery in the post-Brexit environment will not be compromised.


Some of the products that HC supply to customers are manufactured outside of the UK and outside of the EU. We purchase through Distribution so supply, import and tariff issues are managed by our list of preferred Distributors.

We are working closely with distributors and key manufacturers, such as Fujitsu & Brother, to manage any product stock delays, and where necessary, pre-ordering run rate stock in advance; such as PCs, Laptops and printers.

Most of our key hardware manufacturers reside outside the EU and have established import and export agreements/processes that are not affected by BREXIT.

Customs Tariffs

Potential Tariff charges would be minimal as we do not import and export, any importation tariffs are handled by distribution.

Healthcare Computing have been issued with an EORI number.


HC have a very limited exposure to foreign exchange volatility, relating to payments to a small number of manufacturers for spare parts payments; this does not pose any risk to the company or operations.


The current directives and standards governing HC‘s products and services will still apply.

Product markings may change in the event of a no deal scenario. In this case, the CE mark may no longer be applicable for sale within the UK and may be substituted by an alternative mark. This has not yet been confirmed.

Product compliance is managed by our product manufacturers and our supply chain on our behalf.

HC does not transfer any sensitive data to the EU.