At NHS South Commissioning Support Unit we have established a very successful relationship with HC which is built on the basis of their in-depth GP IT infrastructure knowledge and excellent partnership working. We have worked together on a wide range of projects such as single GP Domain, server monitoring and Windows 7 migrations and have benefitted from the reduction of ongoing costs using their services.

Andy Eyles,
Associate Director – Digital transformation at NHS South, Central & West CSU

Thanks to Healthcare Computing for delivering such a large project on time and very close to budget (bar a few out of scope changes we made).  It is very pleasing to see that the major infrastructure works in practices are coming to fruition and I am sure practices will be getting the benefits from this. HC has a proven track record in supporting primary care IT with whom we have established a real partnership to support practices across the county.

Alan Betts,
Deputy Director of Performance & Contracting at Dorset CCG

We’re extremely happy with the service we’ve managed to develop with Healthcare Computing and recommend them to other Healthcare Providers.”

Chris Pillinger,
IT Services Locality Senior Manager at NHS South, Central & West CSU

I have worked with HC for a number of years as the provider of IT software and hardware support to my surgery. The service has always been excellent both in terms of timeliness and also providing solutions to problems we have had. As an organisation the LMC represents 3000 GPs working in 450 practices the majority of whom receive support from HC and I am aware of the strong support the organisation receives from practices.

Dr Nigel Watson,
Chief Executive at Wessex LMCs

The Wireless solution is great because our staff are no longer having to schedule time to go back to their base at the end of the day to update their notes in the clinical system. We are saving both time travelling and in terms of writing notes to later input in the clinical records. We are now putting the information into the clinical records in real time, and have reduced the risk of forgetting or missing information, which has reduced clinical risks.

Sally Holman,
Head of Clinical Systems and Projects at NHS Dorset HealthCare

We have been using Healthcare Computing’s online backup since August 2011. The service has simplified the surgery’s IT and saved money. There is no need to check the backup and change the tapes every day, and we no longer have to buy expensive backup tapes. It’s also is a huge benefit to know that Healthcare Computing are monitoring our backup, so that if there are any problems, they can be sorted out quickly, efficiently and without downtime. We also know that we can recover files for up to 60 days if necessary, which provides huge peace of mind for me, staff and the Partners

Steve Boyd,
Practice Manager at Whiteparish Parish Surgery

We have worked with Healthcare Computing since 2004 and have found them to be consistently reliable and extremely hardworking. They have provided us with key services such as desktop, network and server support, project work and service desk. Their specialist knowledge of the GP IT infrastructure is second to none and one of the main reasons why we would strongly recommend them. If you are looking for professional, specialised and honest IT support, with a strong customer focus, Healthcare Computing is the provider to choose

Gary Jordan,
Head of IT (Service Provision) at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

We have a longstanding relationship with Healthcare Computing, who have provided IT services to our practices for a considerable length of time. We have also worked together on a number of complex projects that have benefited our users, and Healthcare Computing have been consistently reliable, hardworking and forward thinking. The importance of computers in healthcare has increased significantly over time and many practices would now struggle to function without a reliable IT system. Healthcare Computing have easily risen to this challenge and have been all too willing to adapt to our ever changing requirements

Damien McCann,
Head of Primary Care IT development at NHS Southampton City

I would recommend HC for a wide range of reasons: Professional service: The staff at HC are very professional, approachable and customer focused and are always a pleasure to work with. I feel that staff are genuinely interested in helping both the end users of the service and the CSU customers. Large technical skill mix: The team possess a large technical skill mix, so whatever your question they will have someone that can deal with it. Our practices find Healthcare Computing Engineers and helpdesk staff – friendly and approachable and carry out quality work Industry Knowledge: As the company are primary care focused, they are aware of the constraints of working in a GP Practice e.g. room availability etc. and always try to accommodate the work with the least disruption to the practice One stop shop – You can place an order for 15 new PCs, and all the scheduling, project management and liaising with the practice is taken care of – a great time saver for me. Excellent problem escalation procedures Like all services, occasionally something may go wrong, but Healthcare Computing always take these issues seriously and quickly rectify, to both the Practices’ and CSU’s satisfaction. Innovative: HC keep up to date with the latest technology and often find new, cost effective solutions wherever possible. Excellent account management: HC provide regular meeting with timely and accurate reports covering all aspects of their service. Also their Portal ensures I and my colleagues can view the status of any work being carried out, and call off reports at any time. HC offer excellent value for money and I would highly recommend them.”

Bryan Taylor,
Programme Manager at NHS South, Central & West CSU

Wistaria and Milford surgeries have recently completed the HantsGP/Windows7/Office 10 upgrade and I would like to thank you for the excellent work done by the Healthcare Computing team in transferring us over so smoothly. Special mention has to go to Dave who apparently knows everything about everything and directed all the work amazingly well.  Everyone in the team was polite, hardworking, really helpful and focussed on doing a good job for us.  You have obviously put a very good process in place and many things which I expected to have to check myself were already covered as part of this process.

Ann Mason,
IT Manager at Wistaria and Milford Surgeries

We chose to work with Healthcare Computing (HC) when we wanted to move our practices to hosted GP clinical systems which required new local domain controllers to be installed. At the same time we chose to migrate practices’ email services away from local MS exchange servers to NHS mail. This was a huge and challenging project, and what so impressed me about HC was the speed with which they were able to carry out the work. HC installed a new server at every site and migrated most of our surgeries to NHS Mail. The work took about 6 months to upgrade and switch onsite configuration. Throughout the project I was impressed with the excellent communications HC provided and the almost continual contact. In addition, the practices have reported back that HC’s staff was extremely professional and sensitive to the clinical environment. Discretion is paramount in this situation, and HC are used to this due to their experience in this field. The team were happy to answer any questions or meet any additional needs regarding equipment issues. Healthcare Computing have a diverse skillset and huge experience of working in this niche industry, and were therefore invaluable in progressing and completing this project. Their work enabled me to upgrade GP domain servers and most importantly, to ensure that practices are prepared for changes post April 2013. Without them we would have been in a mess with much of the GP server infrastructure remaining in an obsolete state!

Corby Thomas,
Primary Care IT Services Manager at Banes CCG

Thanks to Healthcare Computing for delivering such a great service for my surgery. I would truly not be able to work without your assistance being such a large surgery. Your staff on the telephones and Engineers are polite and second to none.”

Bev Lane,
Operations Manager at Westbourne Medical Centre

We chose Healthcare Computing because we knew they had vast expertise in this area and we had enjoyed working with them before

Dr Felicity Shaw,
Medical Director at Wessex LMCs


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