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Registration Authority

The Arden & GEM CSU RA Team provides an accredited Registration Authority (RA) service for practices. The service delivers government approved identity checks for prospective smartcard users and assigns appropriate access profiles. Within Arden & GEM the RA team also provides the following services.

Our services include:

  • Configuration, issuing and management of smartcards.
  • Training of practice RA managers and sponsors.
  • Transactional services including unlocking and Position Based Access Control (PBAC) configuration.
  • Software to support national systems, for example Identity Agent, NHS Care Identity Service (CIS).
  • RA processes, documentation, and reporting.

Frequently asked questions about our Registration Authority service:

How will I raise an RA incident from 1st July 2021?

You can contact the Service Desk via the normal number and choose the appropriate option:

  • You can call us on 0345 0348690
  • Email us at
  • You can use the live chat function on our website
  • You can register for our support portal to log and track your incidents

Alternatively, the team can also be contacted directly on AGCSU.RA@NHS.NET for any logged issues or advice.


Will the local RA staff remain the same?

At this stage, we expect the local RA staff will remain. However, as part of the service mobilisation process individuals can opt to stay with their current employer.  The service will be enhanced with additional support provided by the existing Arden & GEM RA team.


Will I need to relog any of my open incidents or requests after the 1st July?

No, all open incidents will be addressed by the team prior to or very shortly after the transfer.


I have questions, is there anyone I can contact during the migration?

Yes, please email any queries to


Will there be any changes to how we submit requests through CIS?

No, there will be no change.  CIS will not change and you can continue to submit requests as normal.


Will there be any office based staff I can visit?

The RA team will continue to work remotely from 1st July with no planned date for an office based presence.  We will review and monitor working arrangements as and when national guidance surrounding COVID-19 changes.


Will anyone lose Smartcard access due to the transfer?

No, all Smartcard access will remain the same.


How do I report a broken card from 1st July?

In the first instance contact the Service Desk via the normal channels. They will direct your call appropriately.

Alternatively, the RA team can also be contacted directly on AGCSU.RA@NHS.NET for any logged issues about a broken card.