Projects and change

Our partnership provides a professional, experienced project service. Our teams have years of experience managing and delivering routine projects within the NHS, gaining excellent customer feedback.

Our experts deliver:

  • Capital IT Programme.
  • Practice moves & mergers​.
  • Clinical System migrations.
  • Implementing new clinical applications from the GP IT futures catalogue.
  • GP IT Bids – E.g. new equipment to convert a store room into a new clinical room.

Frequently asked questions about our Projects and change service:

How will I contact the Projects and change team?

You can email us at


How do I request work to be completed at our practice, that won’t be dealt with by the Service Desk?

For all work requests that require funding, a request can be made via our service desk, customer portal or directly with our projects team. We kindly ask that a Bid Form is completed to allow us to review your request and raise the necessary approvals for funding. If you need guidance or assistance in completing the form, please speak with your Locality Supervisors who will gladly help.


Will we still need to bid for approval for work requests?

Yes, a bid form needs to be completed to detail your request, this is reviewed by the team to identify if and how it can be processed and the types of approval required e.g. technical and/or funding. Locality Supervisors will be on hand to advise and support regarding the process and form as required.


Who do I talk to for advice and guidance?

For all requests that require funding, please contact your Locality Supervisor who will assist you with completing the bid form and for any general or specific queries you might have about possible requests.

For technical faults, please contact the HC Service Desk.


Will our work requests have to go through any approval processes?

All work requests (and practice bids) will be reviewed and processed by our Change Managers. You can keep up to date on the status of your request via the customer portal or by contacting the projects team by calling on 08450346344 , or email us at