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Cyber Security

The Arden & GEM CSU Cyber Security team’s objective is to always deliver to and protect their users to the highest possible standards. They provide cyber security services encompassing all managed infrastructure and systems, thus ensuring that our customers adhere to the latest security guidance. These include, but are not limited to, principles of information security and the ‘Information Security Management’: NHS Code of Practice.

Focussed areas of support include:

  • Support and management of high severity cyber security incidents.
  • The provision of audit and investigative services.
  • Support and delivery of Penetration Tests through and alongside accredited providers.
  • Regular reporting of cyber posture.
  • IT security best practice advice and guidance.
  • IT security / cyber evidence to support DSPT requirements.
  • Provide specialist cyber security knowledge.

Frequently asked questions about our Cyber Security service:

How do I report a Cyber Security Incident from 1st July?

You can contact the Service Desk via the normal number and choose the appropriate option:

• You can call us on 0345 0348690.
• Email us at
• You can use the live chat function on our website.
• You can register for our support portal to log and track your incidents.


How can I get guidance on Cyber Security issues and concerns?

For non-urgent communication please contact us on

All other queries and issues should be via the Service Desk.


Will anything change with regards to Cyber Security?

Yes, we will be introducing a series of measures that will bring the IT Estate in line with national Cyber Security Standards.

Monthly reports will be produced to show metrics that reflect the overall Cyber health of the estate and the Cyber security team will be monitoring key systems to ensure they meet agreed standards.


I have questions, is there anyone I can contact before the migration date?

Yes, please email any queries to


What will change on the 1st July?

Nothing will change on the 1st July 2021. Any measures that are introduced, which may impact the day to day operation of your service, will be discussed and agreed prior to instigation.